Valentine's day week list 2018| 7 Feb to 21 Feb days Schedule Date Sheet: Yes, we are one step closer to Happy Valentine's Da...

Valentine's day week list 2018| 7 Feb to 21 Feb days Schedule Date Sheet

Valentine's day week list 2018

Valentine's day week list 2018| 7 Feb to 21 Feb days Schedule Date Sheet: Yes, we are one step closer to Happy Valentine's Day 2018! Valentine's Day is celebrated to appreciate every special moment of our incredible memories. It is the day to celebrate the warm memories of the love of two unknown people who later became a soul. Valentine's Day is just an excuse to give a little more love and more romance to the person without whom you can’t imagine your life, whether she or he, as we know that our mom and dad are always our first love. Valentine's Day is just another day for the true lovers who spend each day loving their lovers even more than the day before.

Valentine week date sheet 2018

If we talk about the 14th February Valentine's Day there is a special full 7 days for lovers in the month of February alias week of love also known as Week Valentine love that usually begins with Rose Day followed by Propose Day, then Chocolate Day, then Teddy Day, followed by Promise Day, then Hug Day and, last but not least, Kiss Day, and the last important day is Valentine's Day. . To all those people who do not know these 7 days of San's week program, for them, we have made an easy date sheet of the Valentine's Day week in the correct order.

List of Valentine's Day Week Time Table 2018
7-day Valentine's week
7th February 2018
Rose Day (1st Day)
8th Feb 2018
Propose Day (2nd Day)
9th Feb 2018
Chocolate Day (3rd day)
10th February 2018
Teddy Day (4th Day)
11th Feb 2018
Promise Day (5th Day)
12th February 2018
Hug Day (6th Day)
13th February 2018
Kiss Day (7th Day)
14th February 2018
 Valentine's Day (8th day)

The list of Valentine's week and its date sheet has their own importance. Let's exaggerate the truth behind all this Valentine's Day week and why we celebrate these 7 Valentine's days.
Rose Day 2018: The reason why all couples, whether husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, is that it marks the beginning of Valentine's Day on February 7th. A beautiful rose is given to express the feeling of love among each other. As red is known as the symbol of love, let's start the week expressing love.
Propose day 2018: It is the second day of the week of Valentine's Day and this day is celebrated on February 8 as the next step. On this day, the couple or spouses propose their special girlfriend or wife with their unique and creative style.

Chocolate Day 2018: Then comes the third day of the Valentine's week that is celebrated on February 9. After she accepts the proposal, the next day is celebrated by bathing a little love giving cute chocolates in the shape of a heart.
Teddy Day 2018: After the sweetest chocolate day, your teddy day arrives; this is the fourth day of the Valentine’s week celebrated on February 10. The reason why this day is celebrated as one of them expresses his love with a cute stuffed animal.
Promise Day 2018: The day of the promise continues on February 11 as it is the fifth day of the V. Week and on this day couples commit to each other. Boys promise to be together forever in the form of promise.
Hug Day 2018: After promising, comes the day of the hug, which is the sixth day of the week of Valentine's Day, February 12th. As the name itself describes, couples should embrace each other closely.
Kiss Day 2018: Here comes the day of the kiss on February 13, which is the seventh day of the week of Valentine's Day and it seems that this day is the best day you can ask for your first kiss, if only you propose it.
Happy Valentine's Day 2018: The GREAT day finally arrives on February 14th. It is the best day for all lovers, couples and partners, since Valentine Day offers each and every one to express their true love to someone special. After spilling love for a whole week, comes the main part for those who do not believe in love or people who make fun of Valentine's Day, mostly unmarried and who are unfriendly or who have no one as their Valentine , the week followed is famous as Anti Valentine week or funny valentines days name.

Anti Valentines Day Week List 2018

List of Anti Valentines Week 2018
Name of Anti Valentine Week
15th Feb 2018
Slap Day
16th Feb 2018
Kick Day              
17th Feb 2018
Perfume Day
18th Feb 2018
Flirting day
19th Feb 2018
Confession Day
20th Feb 2018
Lost day
21st Feb 2018
Breakup Day

The anti-Valentine week or 7 days after Valentine have a slap on 15th February day kick 16th February day perfume 17th February, flirting on 18th February day admission 19th February, lost day 20th February and finally break 21st February.

Putting an end to this beautiful article with a surprising saying that "Never wait for the perfect moment to tell someone that you love them, because time never waits for anyone, do it now". Let this Valentine's Day help you share your deep feelings you have with that person with whom you can’t live without her. We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day 2018 in advance and we hope everyone finds their true soul mate! For more updates, stay connected!